Oasis Family Media houses Oasis Audio, a leading publisher of inspirational and family-friendly audiobooks for adults and children. The Oasis catalog includes more than 1,200 titles, adding 175 new audiobooks annually—from popular children’s series to romance and suspense fiction to business and self-help titles.

Oasis Audio publishes stories content that uplifts, inspires and encourages positive values and personal growth.

Paperback Classics imprint, launching in summer 2019, features nostalgic classics reintroduced as audiobooks, including the Dark Shadows novels and Flash Gordon series.

Upcoming Releases

The first-ever modern English transposition of Edmund Spenser’s 1590 classic The Faerie Queene. Coming September 2020.

Magic Wonderland is a Chinese animated fantasy adventure film directed by Wu Jianrong and Fang Lei.

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